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(j) Fishing Allegheny River, Catfish Fishing

Well we decided to make a drive out to the Allegheny river to try out some catfish fishing.  We had minnows, bread, liver, corn, and worms.  The Allegheny has so many species of fish in it, everything from pike, muskie, walleye, bass, catfish, carp, drum, and the list just goes on.  We had high hopes last night with all the possible out comes, but the outcome was not so good.  I went with my buddy matt and his wife Adele,  I manage to catch 5 channel cat on liver and bread.  Matt and Adele didn’t catch a thing, they hardly had any bites, it made it a long night.   Walleye were jumping right in front of us, but couldn’t get them to hit anything.  We have always done well during the day there and this was the first time at night and i will think twice before I go there at night.  This just could have been a bad night though,  I should really try it one more time at night to be sure.  Day time I will go anytime though, it’s a huge river with some pretty nice fish in it.  So I guess we will see and go from there, sometimes you just get those bad nights.  So for catfish fishing I do recommend this river if you only target them at night.

Channel cat, Allegheny river


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